Once you have taken your trial classes, if you would like to join us as a full member your Membership Price is:

Membership package includes:

Welcome Book
Grading Syllabus Book
Attendance Record Card
CMAA Licence Book
Embroidered Club T-Shirt
Satin Kickboxing Trousers
9th KYU white belt

Kids Sticker Book & Keyring

One Month Free Training
1st Year Free Public Liability Insurance
Opportunity to train at any white Tiger Venue
Opportunity to enter tournaments & competitions under White Tiger/CMAA
Opportunity to attend courses and seminars

Membership £75/£80

£75 is for 4/6oz gloves/£80 is for 8/10oz gloves
Size of glove depends of the size of students.  General guide is age 3-5 4oz, age 6-8 6oz, 9-11 8oz, 12+ 10oz, this is a guide but depends on the size of the child.  Adults maxiumum 10oz

Equipment must be purchased through White Tiger


Membership cost is only ever a ONE OFF fee.  Your yearly renewal to upgrade your licence and insurance is £25 (first one is inslcuded in your membership fee)


You may take ONE free class for your first trial
You many then take up to a maximum of another four classes as a non member at a discounted rate of £6.00 per lesson 
Membership is required after your four non member classes

After joining and paying the membership fee of £75/£80, members pay their class fees by standing order to receive a discounted fee


Once a week classes £25 per month


Unlimited classes £35 per month


Cash per class fee is £8.00 




Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by their own parent/guardian.  Friend's parents may not sign the trial paperwork on behalf of another parent


We are a contact sport and parents are required to spectate at all of the TRIAL classes to observe what we do in classes


Children age 7 and over, once becoming a member you may drop off your child for class and collect them later.


 Please note, you must come into the venue with your child to sign in and you must come in to the venue to pick up at the end