White Tiger Kickboxing Academy Limited
Unit 2a, Eagle Works
272 Carlton Road


MINI CUB (age 3-5)

Monday 4.15pm
Thursday 4.15
Saturday 9am

CUB (age 6-8)

Monday 5pm
Thursday 6.15pm
Saturday 9.45am

TIGER (age 9-12)

Monday 6pm
Tuesday 6pm
Wednesday 5.45pm
Thursday 5pm
Saturday 10.45am

SENIOR (age 13+)

Monday 8pm
Tuesday 7.15pm
Wednesday 7.00pm
Thursday 7.15pm
Saturday 12.00pm



We also offer fitness classes for all levels at our studio.

MONDAY 7.15pm - Box Fit

A combination of Kickboxing moves & body weight exercises

TUESDAY 8.30pm - Stretch & Strength

A non cardio class working on leg & core strength and flexibility

WEDNESDAY 8.15pm - Circuits

A combination of cardio, weights & equipment

THURSDAY 8.30pm - Pad Fit / Bag Fit

A combination of focus mitts & bag work (gloves provided)


* Fitness classes are over 18s only

* Fitness classes are £5 per session on pay as you go or unlimited classes £20 monthly if paid online at the beginning of the month.

* ALL classes must be booked in advance


Please email wood.sam1969@gmail.com for pricing and to book your FREE TRIAL class.

Stop Violence Against Women & Girls

White Tiger Kickboxing Academy & Cobra Martial Arts Association operates a strict Equal Opportunities and Child Protection Policy (copies available on request)


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