..Dress Code..

Please wear loose fitting track-suit bottoms and a t-shirt for your introductory lesson (uniform is provided with membership)
White Tiger kickboxing has a strict NO JEWELLERY policy.  Please remove ALL jewellery before training.  If you cannot remove your jewellery, please cover it with a plaster.
We train bare foot only 


Please bring plenty of fluid to drink (water or squash) NO fizzy pop or energy drinks , all drinks must be in a sports cap top to prevent spillage 


Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes prior to class start time (doors open 30 mins prior to class start time)
Any student under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by THEIR parent or guardian for  the DURATION of ALL TRIAL CLASSES.  You must not bring along someone else's child for an introductory lesson.  


You may take 1 free trial class.  You may then take up to a further 4 non member classes at a price of £6 per class, this is time to help you to decide if you wish to join us.


After your free trial and 4 non member sessions membership is erquired (please refer to membership and class price page)


To book a trial class:
Email:   wood.sam1969@gmail.com
Telephone:  07976 979076
Text:  07976 979076

Hope to see you soon!