What will it cost me?

You may attend up to 4 trial lessons at £6 per session. If you wish to continue training after this point you will need to join the club as a full member.  Once you have paid the joining fee, you pay the class fee as a monthly standing order (on the rare occasion students wish to pay cash per class this is at a cost of £8 per session)

   Do I have to pay for a class I don't attend?

The monthly standing order fees have been set so that the student will receive a minimum of 12 classes free within their package.  This means if you are ill or on holiday you are not losing out

   Are there any hidden extras in the prices?

You get everything you need to start you off in the membership cost. You will however need to renew your licence yearly. Grading, courses, tournaments, additional uniform & equipment are extra.

   Have I got to bring a training partner?

No, there are many people who come on their own. The students are all very friendly and the club encourages everyone to interact with each other rather than stick to working with one person.  

   What do I have to wear?

For your introductory lesson wear a t-shirt & track suit bottoms. If you decide to join you will receive one T-shirt & 1 pair of training trousers with your membership package. You may purchase additional uniform if you wish.

   What do I have to wear on my feet?

We train bare foot. 

   Do I need to bring anything with me?

You will need to bring a drink with you, water, squash is fine.  No fizzy drinks or energy drinks and bottles should have a sports cap lid.  You may also need to bring a hand towel with you and perhaps another t-shirt to change into at the end of the class.

   Are there any changing rooms?

Most of the venues used are church halls and community centres which do not have changing/showering facilities, there are of course toilets available for you to change. 

   How fit do I have to be?

The classes are structured for all different age, fitness and ability levels. Everyone has to start somewhere, you will work at a pace that suits you

   How old do I have to be?

Students start from the age of 3 years old.

   Am I too old to start?

You are never too old; you know your own fitness level and work to your personal capabilities. 

   Can I earn belts?

Yes. There is a structured grading syllabus from beginner through to Black Belt and beyond. 

   How often do I take a grade?

Gradings are based on a progressive system. You must have completed a minimum amount of lessons between each belt and be able to show the techniques learnt to a reasonable standard to qualify. You will be advised when you are ready to grade, you are not expected to grade every time if you are not ready and will never be pushed into a grading that you are not comfortable with.  

   Do I have to take a grading?

Students are encouraged to grade through the belt system, it gives you a goal and is a great achievement; however you do not have to grade if you do not wish to.   

   Are the children's & adult's syllabus's different?

Each age group has a syllabus structured for them. 

   How Does Grading Work?

You will be issued with a grading syllabus book within your membership package; this will explain the belt system full detail . 
If I've trained in kickboxing with another school do I start again? Yes, every school or club has their own way of testing and syllabus content, therefore a grading a really only valid within that school.  

  I have trained in another style, can I learn kickboxing?

When you are still new to martial arts, it is advisable to stick to one thing in the early stages. All styles are different and you may find you have two instructors requiring different things. If you wish to learn more than one style; it is best if you find styles that compliment each other rather than oppose each other.  If you have previously trained in another style but wish to change to kickboxing; you must be prepared to learn a different way of training. All styles differ, if you feel you do not wish to change then it is advisable to find a club that teaches the style you are familiar with.  We DO NOT accept belts/gradings from other schools.  All schools have their own syllabus, if you have trained before but wish to change schools that is no problem but you will begin our grading system from the beginning


   How long will it take me to get my Black Belt?

This varies from student to student. It will depend on your own personal ability, how often you train and how much work you put in. On average for someone training 1-2 times per week it could be 3-4 years to reach black belt. 

   What is sparring?

We offer two kinds of sparring; Points and Light Continuous. This will all make more sense when you begin to train.    

   What if I don't want to spar?

Kickboxing IS a contact sport and sparring is part of our structure.  Everyone spars within the classes.  Sparring is always controlled and is perfectly safe.  However, please note, it is a kicking and punching sport and although accidents occasionally happen, instructors endeavour to keep the exercises as safe as possible.

   Are there any restrictions to sparring? 

A full set of equipment is a requirement for sparring. This includes: head guard, gum shield, boxing gloves, semi-contact gloves, groin guard (requirement for males, advisable for females), chest guard for females, shin guards and foot protector.

   How much does the equipment cost?

A good set of standard equipment can be on average around £85 - £100, you can of course get cheaper and more expensive but you get what you pay for. White Tiger has certain restrictions on sparring equipment and only recognised manufacturers are acceptable for use during sparring.

   How do I get my equipment?

You must order through your White Tiger instructor 

   What does my member Insurance cover?

This is a Public Liability Insurance which is valid for 12 months, providing the individual and the club are members of CMAA. It covers the individual should they accidently cause damage to property or another individual during a class session. It does not cover the individual for personal injury or loss of earnings. White Tiger is not liable for any misuse of techniques either in or out of your class.

   Can I take part in tournaments?

There are tournaments available through the CMAA and affiliated organisations; you must have an up-to-date licence for you to participate. Fights are separated into age, male/female and belt colour.  You must own your own full sparring equipment according to White Tiger Kickboxing's requirements.

   What else is on offer?

There are many courses and seminars available through the CMAA. Course schedules can be viewed on our events page .
 If you have any further enquiries or questions please contact us using the "contact us page" - White Tiger Kickboxing Academy